How You Can Help

At this time we have two main ways of helping at Victor’s Corner:

1.) Book donation drop offs at The Palmer Recovery Center between business hours

2.) Visiting our Amazon Wish List and donating there.

Victor’s Corner is always accepting book donations that fit the following criteria :

  • Good Condition (Minimum wear, no ripped or missing pages, stains, discoloration, etc)
  • Self Help/ Recovery Focused Only includes: (NA, AA, 12-Step, Buddhist Recovery, Christian Recovery, Non Denominational Recovery, Any Denominational Recovery, Spirituality, Step-Working Guides, Drug, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling and other addiction literature, Therapeutic Trauma and Recovery, inspirational , psychology of addiction, and how your brain, body, mind, and spirit can be effected by drugs and or addiction.
  • No Bibles, Torahs, or Korans At This Time.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!