Dylan Victor Everett

Dylan Everett was born August 23, 1990 and tragically left us on Christmas morning December 25th 2019 after a relapse of heroin laced with fentanyl. He was a brother, a son, an Eagles Fan, and a friend loved by all those who knew him. Prior to his passing he spent 9 months of his sobriety obtaining his GED and pursuing his passion in welding to better his life for himself, his family, and future.

Dylan is the younger brother to Monica who launched Victors Corner and the son of Lori Lameo. Dylan would be happy today to see his sister, family and friends supporting the efforts made by Victor’s Corner Library to help spread the experience, strength, and hope to others who have made it into recovery, as well as those who are still sick and suffering from this horrible disease.

We will miss Dylan everyday for the rest of our lives and feel so lucky to have shared such incredible memories with him.

Victor’s corner was originally to provide literature to those still fighting the disease of addiction in all of it’s forms in the hopes that one sentence would change their lives at a local recovery center (Palmer recovery center) Easton Pa. A broader outlook mission for Victor’s corner is to do fundraising events geared towards recovery, homelessness, prison work as well as resources and literature work for those in need. The hopes is Dylan’s story can and will save many lives . The mission for Victor’s Corner is to provide services in communities across Pennsylvania.